Prathama Igor — A rising star in the new generation of waste management engineers

Prathama Igor — A rising star in the new generation of waste management engineers

Igor recently celebrated his first year of joining ATC Williams’ Brisbane office as an Associate Engineer. We talk about his interest in landfill design and construction.


Hi Igor, please tell us about your background

I was successfully accepted into a joint Bachelor of Engineering program between Universitas Indonesia and Queensland University of Technology and graduated in 2011. As I enjoyed Australia so much, I then decided to stay and complete a Master of Project Management. I was able to secure work in Australia as a civil engineer with Golder Associates, where I worked on coal seam gas projects that involved the design and construction of geosynthetic lined structures. Since then, I’ve worked across Australia (mostly in Queensland with some in New South Wales and Northern Territory) on various landfill and other geosynthetic lined projects, ranging from engineering assessment for landfill development, landfill cell and capping detailed designs, construction assistance, to construction quality assurance projects. I’ve developed a special capability in geosynthetic liner design now.

Why do you like working in waste management?

Every landfill site including waste types and risk profile is different and, more importantly, the clients’ needs across projects vary, so there is never a one-off solution. This is particularly the case with old landfill sites where there are legacy issues with ageing cells. It is always interesting finding the right solution for the right client.

Do you have a vision for the future of waste in Australia?

As part of the newest generation of engineers, I am keen to see progress in adopting circular economy thinking to reduce landfills. At the Landfill and Transfer Stations Conference earlier this year, I heard good examples of overseas countries leading the way in technology. I would like to see the Australian government prioritising the policy changes that are necessary for change.

What are you working on at ATC Williams?

I have a few projects I am involved with currently. One project that we have completed recently for Toowoomba Regional Council was designing a new vertical expansion cell (piggyback lining) over the historical landfill. With other limitations and constraints specific to the site, it required creative thinking and presented a technical challenge that I enjoyed very much. At ATC Williams, we are a team in our approach to finding solutions and even enjoy taking timeout together. I look forward to our monthly team activities, and Friday lunch at the local pub is a great way to acknowledge the work we’ve achieved that week.

You’re a keen scuba diver – do you have a favourite diving spot?

If I can, I like to head to Bryon Bay to explore the waters there. Otherwise, the diving around North Stradbroke Island is also excellent. When I’m in Indonesia, my favourite place so far is the world renowned Komodo Island with great coral reefs.

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