Responsible recruiting for longevity

In June we recruited engineer Mitchell Conner in the Hunter Valley, as we continue to expand long-term capacity across Australia.

Atc News Mitchell Connor

Mitchell Conner – Engineer
BSc(Earth Sciences)

Mitchell is the newest member of the Hunter Valley office. He holds a BSc (Earth Sciences) from the University of Newcastle.

How have you found your first week at ATC Williams?

I’m settling in and getting to know the clients and doing a lot of background reading. So far, I’m enjoying working with John Milson, and have met the Melbourne team via video conference.

What projects have you worked on since graduating?

I started with Coffey in their soil testing lab and then moved to Macquarie Geotech, based in Bathurst. At Macquarie, I was part of the site investigations for the Rozelle Interchange in Sydney. The project contains a series of underground tunnels as part of the M4-M5 Link, and I was involved in drilling the deepest hole 150 metres into Hawkesbury sandstone. There were no surprises, but it was very interesting work.

Is there a particular area you want to learn next?

I’m keen to experience the overall process of tailings engineering, from planning to completion. I can already see that I’m in the right place for that to happen.

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