Season’s Greetings, and reflections of 2021

2021 presented its challenges as we all experienced the difficulties of a continuing pandemic.  At ATC Williams, our reflections though are of the strengthening of our team and growth in our resilience.

We also continue to be uplifted by the wonderful support provided by our clients, colleagues, and suppliers.

Through the close relationships we enjoy, we feel that our journey through 2021 was a shared one, and we are confident of a much brighter 2022. May we send our best wishes from all the staff at ATC Williams to you and your families, with our hope for a blessed Christmas and a safe holiday period.

Allan Watson — CEO

For our final newsletter of the year, we thought it would be great to reflect on the past year by quantifying some of the milestones, areas of growth and Covid challenges ATC Williams experienced in 2021.