Spotlight on Graduates

Spotlight on Graduates

At ATC Williams, we offer a conventional Graduate program and an Undergraduate Program which offers final year university students a full-time internship program from November to March. Please see the bottom of the article for how to apply for either program.

We welcome undergrads and graduates who aspire to help deliver projects that have a long-term impact and want to lead global change with innovative engineering solutions.

Whether working on water or waste management projects that benefit the local community, or mine tailings or water dam solutions that lead environmental and public safety – you will always be doing work that contributes to a better world.

Meet our new graduates

Below, we talk to two of our new graduate employees Ruchi Jhowry and Malith Madola, about their decision to seek a career in tailings, water and waste, and what it is like to work at ATC Williams.

Ruchi, how did you decide to work at ATC Williams?

I have been with ATC Williams since late 2020 after the company contacted me on LinkedIn. I had the ‘open to work’ setting on, and they asked for my CV. At first, I thought it was a scam, but I quickly realised this was a great opportunity.

I was one of four undergraduate engineers that started at the same time. I started in the ATC Williams NATA Accredited laboratory in Melbourne, which was almost too good to be true. The lab is a very cheerful environment to work in, and the team is very helpful. It is like working with friends.

What are you working on now?

Since graduating, I’ve been employed in a full-time position as a Level 1 engineer. I am currently working on updating the Dam Safety Emergency Plan (DSEP) for the Cadia Dam in New South Wales, supervised by Genevieve New, who I meet with every day. I am also learning how to use the Muk3D purpose-built 3D modelling software developed by MineBridge Software.

What has working in lockdown taught you as someone entering the workplace?

The recent lockdown was hard for me but luckily, having this job kept me going. I realised that I like the routine of working with people in an office more than working at home. Due to all the lockdown’s, I have only had the opportunity to visit one site in Victoria. So, I’m looking forward to doing more onsite work in the future. I am proud of the work I could do for the team and the contribution I made even working from home.

What is your experience of being a young woman studying and working in STEM?

I feel lucky that I’ve always been encouraged by my dad to study and believe in myself. He told me to consider work that wasn’t confined to an office. In my home country Mauritius, I interned part-time for a construction company doing soil testing. I was the only woman working there, but I was treated very well by the male workers.

In 2017, I moved to Australia and studied for my Bachelor of Engineering at RMIT in Melbourne. When deciding on a career, I researched civil engineering, and I read that it had become very accepting of women. I have found that to be true for me. The Geotech lecturers were encouraging of all the students, including the women, and in the end, Geotech appealed to me more than structural engineering.

I was surprised but pleased to find that my university year group was relatively equal – about 55% male and 45% female. In my third year, I found a new group for female students called ‘FIRE’, which stood for ‘Females in RMIT Engineering’. We organised dinners and activities and also supported the first-year students. Now that I have graduated, I am keen to join Women in Mining groups.

At ATC Williams, the female intake is excellent. There is a focus on having the company reach an equal balance of men and women, and I love how inclusive the company is overall. I feel very included, which is one of the greatest things a company can do for their employees.

Malith, tell us why you choose to work in tailings.

When I studied at RMIT in Melbourne, Geotech was my favourite subject, so I looked for work in that area. I did an internship with a small Geotech company before applying to ATC Williams. Tailings is an area that I did not study at Uni, and it is very different to other civil work. I like that the opportunity to work onsite offers a varied lifestyle outside of office work.

Ideally, I want to experience all aspects of tailings, waste and water before deciding on a niche to specialise in. I studied business management at Uni too, and I have a goal to be in management one day, but first, I want to be the best engineer I can be.

How was the interview and selection process at ATC Williams?

I applied in the 2020 round but didn’t get selected, so it was worth trying again. I had an initial phone interview with the Melbourne office early in 2021, then a second phone interview with the Brisbane office. A face-to-face interview followed in Melbourne, and I was offered the job about four weeks later. By then, I was in the final stage of interviewing with another company, but ATC Williams was always my first choice.

How have you found the work so far?

I am currently working with the team on the Granites Gold Mine Tailings Dam in the Northern Territory, which is a perfect A-Z project for a graduate. I am getting exposure to all aspects of planning, constructing, and managing a tailings dam. We are working on the construction of Cell 3 for GTD03, laying the foundation and slowly building up the embankment, so there is a lot of testing and supervising. I am learning more every day.

You’ve recently had to do a 14-day lockdown. How was that?

Yes, unfortunately, I was one day at the Granite site in the NT before getting caught up in the recent lockdown for 14 days. I didn’t have enough mobile data most of that time, so I couldn’t even work. Luckily, I was allowed to sit outside the room and walk around a bit during the day. It was scary to feel isolated and at risk, but I am putting it down as a unique learning experience. I’m glad that I did get to see the tailings dam site, at least. I knew it was big but seeing it for real is another thing. It really is huge, and I am looking forward to returning there in a few weeks and experiencing onsite life properly.

Are you happy with your decision to begin your career at ATC Williams?

Moving from Melbourne to Brisbane was a big decision, but it was the right one. Everyone in the office is welcoming. I don’t have a direct mentor, but the whole team is available to me, and they are open and receptive to my many questions. I feel like I am part of the family already, and I haven’t had a bad day yet. Even Allan Watson checks in on me, and I’m sure that you wouldn’t get the CEO calling to say hello to a new graduate in most companies. It is a dream job to have straight out of University.

How to apply

Undergraduate Program – Applications Close 31 August

  • Civil engineering construction, investigation, and analytic work
  • Field visit to a working mine to see investigations or construction in action
  • Hands-on work in our NATA Accredited Laboratory (Melbourne applicants only)
  • Access to mentoring from senior professionals
  • Opportunity to enter our Graduate Transition Program working one-two days a week during your final year of study
  • This is a fully paid internship

Graduate Engineers – Applicants can apply anytime throughout the year

  • Graduate engineers will gain a deeper experience across multiple aspects of engineering disciplines such as civil, geotechnics, slurry and water transport, hydrology, and hydraulics
  • Accelerate confidence and knowledge with direct access to senior-level staff  and clients
  • Receive transparent promotion pathways that reward technical, interpersonal and project management capabilities.

We encourage you to create your future with us.

To apply please email

Melbourne — Craig Noske Melbourne@atcwilliams.com.au
Brisbane — Ralph Holding  Brisbane@atcwilliams.com.au
Perth — Zoran Kovacev  Perth@atcwilliams.com.au

Please include Cover Letter, Resume, Academic Transcript
Shortlisted candidates will receive an interview